Offered Job 3 Months Ago…Still Getting Run Around, Why?

Hello, first time posting in this group! I’ll make it short and sweet as possible. Beginning of June I interviewed and was offered a job that was $8+ more an hour than any other job I had working in the same field (culinary), it is with a company contracted by a very big food manufacturer and would include work in their corporate offices and test kitchens for products so to say I was excited is an understatement. I immediately filled out all paperwork and sent it in, background check, etc just to hear nothing. As time has gone on the person who would be my boss and also the corporate rep have told me that my background check is still pending, they told me they were waiting on a date for it to go through the courts, which is something I’ve never heard of but the date I was given has come and gone over a month ago now and last I talked to them they claimed the whole state (Michigan) has put a pause on background checks altogether. I’ve had several people around me get new jobs within this time and their background checks all came back within a week, even my husband at a job at our local courthouse. My would be boss and the corporate rep both say they hope I’m still waiting and want the job and that they’re trying to get it figured out, but at this point I’ve wasted the summer holding out, which I’ve only done cause I know I won’t be paid anywhere close to their offer anywhere else. Does anybody have insight as to what is happening, is there actually some sort of pause or are they yanking my chain? And if they are why? What is the point of wasting the time of everyone involved? It’s become embarrassing at this point as I of course told friends and family when I got the offer letter and I have to tell them I still haven’t started when they ask. Just curious on other’s opinions of the situation and what they would do.


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