Part time remote work that makes $35+/hr?

Hi all, I’m in a pretty weird work situation atm where I’m doing both a sales job & an IT support job. They’re for the same boss but separate companies.

I’m paid a 3k advance monthly for my commission check and the sales job isn’t really working, the company has a lot of operational issues and honestly my hearts not in it.

The IT job is capped at 25 hours a week but pays $45/hr. There’s some opportunity for that to grow into my full time gig but it’s not there yet.

I’m burnt out from trying to do the sales job & the IT job. I’d like to find some part time remote work, like 20 hours or so that I’d be working like 45 instead of 65-70 every week.

I honestly like to work but I just moved across the country too for this & it’s just a lot.

Ideally I want to move into a marketing position full time, I enjoy marketing way more than sales & it’s quickly become a passion of mine.

Do you guys have any advice?

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