Should I quit one month into my new bank job because of dangerous commute through mountains?

Hey everyone. I’ve had a rough year with jobs right after I quit my 2 and a half year barista job. Got recruited into on of the very famous Banks of where I live and I was super excited about it, the problem? My “home” bank is 58 minutes drive from my home. Where as in 38 minutes of that drive is strictly just winding curves on the side of mountains. In the “shadowing” process of the bank was located somewhere easy for me to get to, literally 6 minutes from my home. Stayed there bout a month without worrying about how difficult the drive would be for my own location. So as the month passes by and I go Monday to my own location I am stunned about how difficult the way there is specifically for my own car. See I have a 2009 honda civic thats just not doing so great and wont do better taking that road 6 days a week. My family and my fiance are both worried to hell about the drive and how miserable I am in it. So I must ask, do I keep pushing or do I quit?

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