Bachelors in psych vs environmental studies (minor in gis and or biology) vs? Biology

I am planning to go to a small state school to finish my bachelors degree, because I can do so in about two years without going into any debt. I’m not very good at math and science/ I don’t know the first thing about programming or coding so computer science/ engineering are not on the table. There is a basic biology bachelors but I don’t have a particular reason to choose that and I know I would struggle with physics/ chemistry classes.
If I were to major in psych I would not be looking to continue school to become a therapist/ I would not be a very good therapist. I could see myself enjoying studying psych or environmental studies. The environmental studies major does have some access to relevant internships. However psych seems more versatile?
Any input would be appreciated 😭😭😭

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