Can anyone give me advice onCareer shift advice for a female candidate in nutraceutical industry?

Hi I am Mtech biotech graduate and have been working in this nutraceutical manufacturing factory,TN for more than a year and half. I was actually recruited for quality control but noticing my high performance they have alloted me in downstream processing within 2 months. Now I am leading the whole downstream processing unit of the factory, though its a small factory/plant. After 6 months of joining I also involved in whole production management, since the place was vacant and they didn’t recruit new production manager. Knowing my capacity, my boss gave the responsibility and I was doing good with the same salary package though. But with in few months, I got a news that my boss is asking my fellow male candidates to be trained in production management as I am not permanent fit to this role ( as if I’ll get married and move to some other place) and he also asked them to not to discuss it with me. He also mentioned that I am doing it too good but he can’t give me the position/salary . The environment here is so toxic too.

From that day, i got demotivated and started working for what I am getting paid and stopped involving in other management works .it’s been months now and now I feel depressed for working the same, without exploring anything new and it feels like am holding my potential within myself and now I feel like I have wasted a whole year.

Now Even if I shift from this factory, I have no idea where to land next. I would like to go in production management/product management, knowing am good at that. I also had a idea of doing MBA/Product management but I don’t have financial support for that. I am trying to learn some online crash courses and have an idea to add values to my resume.

Kindly give guidance, how to survive among all these situations and how to promote myself to the next position if am shifting my company?

Thank you!

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