Feel stuck and getting older, any guidance?

Firstly, context. I”m 38, married with two kids and we rent. Apologies for the upcoming life story/rant.

My work history is…boring? 10 years at a multinational insurer followed by 4 years at a niche insurance brokerage. After an acrimonious split there I took a chance and got a recruitment role, bottom of the rung. Unfortunately, Covid happened and I was made redundant.

Since then I’m on my third job after getting made redundant again, I had managed to stick out the second job in that period for just over 2 years before the axe swung.

I’m now back to insurance, sales to be exact. I speak well, get on with just about everyone, and know insurance terms so seems straight forward enough doesn’t it.

The problem is, I am so unfulfilled and have been for a while now. As the title says, I feel stuck. I’ve pigeonholed myself and my earning potential is pretty poor.

I’ve dropped in wages for the latest job as I needed continuity of income and there should be commission but I’m not convinced. The company will be moving offices in the next 6 months which might force my hand into a move.

I want to help. I want to be helpful. I’m willing to work hard. But my wages can’t drop any further.

Any suggestions or thoughts on the situation are welcome.

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