going from engineering to law school?

This past May, I graduated from a large state school with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have just started working full time as an AI (ML & Autonomy) Engineer at a “prestigious” research institution. I have also just started an MS in Robotics (part time) at a top 10 engineering University. I hope this did not come off as pompous, just want to give context.
Anyways, the thought of law school has been growing in my mind as of recently. I have always been an avid reader/writer, even though my formal education and work experience are all in STEM. I have been playing with the possibility of applying to law schools after I finish my masters in 2 years.
Im looking for advice on how I can strengthen my resume over the next few years to make myself a more competitive candidate for top law schools. Studying for the LSAT and maintaining a high GPA are obvious things I plan on doing, but I was wondering if there are other things I can get involved with that are more specific to a Law school resume. I’m confident my background will be helpful in showing analytical skills, but i was wondering if there is anything I can do involving reading and writing.
I appreciate any insights you may have, and can give more context if needed. Thanks!

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