Got fired from fall co-op and am looking for a spring one. Do you have any advice?

So I got fired from my co-op due to not being a company fit since they found out I didn’t like doing the kaizen. Since I can’t register for classes and I can’t register for classes next semester without messing up my class schedule, I’m forced to find a new experience next semester. For now I’m working at my parents family-owned restaurant for this semester while looking.

My big question is whether I should state that I’m working here on my resume. I go to a college far from home (Virginia tech) and most jobs ask you your address. Should I say on my resume that I’m working at my parents place or should I not mention it at all? That would make them assume that in at college but my address would give it away that I’m not there. Then I would have to explain why I’m not attending. What should I do? I can attach my resume if you’d like. Thanks

Also o worked at our restaurant during the summer, not sure if that’s important.

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