How should I respond to an ambigious request from the CEO?

Hey, working an extremely weird Project Management position at a medium sized company in Toronto. As of now, I was working like 10 hours out of 40 a week just doing some small tasks(not even projects Id say) that the deputy CEO or some other people from my team ask me to.

The CEO knows Im underutilized so he asked me how much of my time is utilized today and on what(should I tell him honestly? I’m scared he’ll parade me for slacking). What would I say are my skills(I have very rudimentary finance skills, but I feel like everything but selling Im good at regarding the soft ones), what are my interests(no clue. Videogames lol. I am at the point of my life where I am figuring out what can I even do career wise), and what can I help him with inside the company.

I know he is meaning to find a sweetspot where both of us would be happy with, but I am kind of scared to tell him how unproductive I was up until now and I have no clue on what I want to do. Any advice on what to answer?

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