Should I quit or ask for less hours at my part time job?

Right now I am working 2 jobs one full time job which I am making my career in, then a part time job. I work 7 day a week now when I used to work 6 day a week 5 at my full time job and only one day at the part time job but and I had no problem for a while working 6 day and they had trouble getting people to work sunday so i said i would do it, but now that I’m getting more promotion at my full time job every year because it’s GS pay scale and now I’m working graveyard shift so when I have to go back to work on the weekends for the part time job I have to flip my sleep schedule since on Saturday I work opening shift then Sunday I work closing shift.

I don’t really need the extra money but it is very nice to have since both jobs pay Bi-weekly and they happen to land on that I get payed every week. If I full on quit my part time job I loss about $400 a month and a paycheck every week. If I go back to one day a week it’s about $200 but I don’t want to put them in the spot of not having people for sunday nor being that person again that just works one day a week and when someone needs they shift covered but it’s very tempting, so I have a day off again.

What I was thinking was to get to the end of this month and see how I feel then decide from there what do you think?

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