Career change to Tech?

What are the Tech fields I always hear when reading on people making $200-500k/ year?

I am 39 now and seriously thinking of a career change.
Currently I am an electrical supervisor with a $165k salary. I can’t see much more growth from where I am at now.
I am currently on the trajectory to retiring at 55 but am burnt out and not sure I can do 16 more years of this. I have already been in the electrical field for 20 years.

I am good with computers and know I can pretty much learn a new career in the Tech field, not sure what area to focus on. My dad was in IT and taught me a lot about computers and networks when I was younger. I’m sure it isn’t the same stuff, but know it is something I can learn.
I took computer classes in high school, did a few Cisco programming classes just after high school but then kind of drifted away from it.

What are the competitive Tech fields everyone is always talking about?


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