How to deal with a controlling coworker?

I’m a quality engineer who supports the distribution area at a med device company. The supervisor at the distribution is extremely controlling and acts like my boss. Thing is, I have my own boss with the quality engineers here.

When I’m trying to do my job she keeps trying to “help” and pushes in to do some work. Even though I told her that I’m okay, she does it anyway. She does this to everyone around her btw. When one of her team member asks me a question, she’ll jump in to answer. She also tries to make a quality decision and suggests a solution, and when I don’t know the answer to it and say I’ll get back to her, she turns around and asks someone else. She expects me to drop everything and come to her at all times too.

When we had a “work from home” days all across the company except for distribution, she still made me come in to do some work because “we set up a desk for you here so you can work here”.

It’s quite frankly irritating me and I can’t do my job efficiently. I’ve already complained about her to my boss before but my boss is new and off site and she just sees me complaining. One time I made a big deal about something because the distribution lady took a job from some other operations lady, ignored what everybody else says that she should do, and piled the work on me. Because of her, I ended up staying late everyday trying to finish the work and I didn’t have any say it in. That pissed me off so I took it to the manager and everything and we had a massive meeting, but her attitude towards the whole thing was “process improvement” and “you have to be willing to let something go” and “let’s be open to listening to what they have to say”.

This isn’t about willingness to cooperate or being open to hearing them, this is about a toxic person who tries to control everything and getting things her way.

How should I deal with this situation?

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