Looking to change careers. Do you know any mid-high skilled careers with labor shortage and employers desperate enough to get you a visa?

Hello guys,

I have been trying to break into the game development industry for a while but I think it might be much easier to just win the lottery. So, I am doing some research into other kinds of careers. For starters, I’m searching for jobs/companies that are desperate enough to give you a good salary and a visa due to labor shortage (I am Mexican, so the visa part is important in any country outside my own).

As you may have gathered, I am thinking of changing careers, hopefully still using some of my existing skills but I am open to getting a license, diploma or another master’s to get the remaining skills I need. I’m trying to pivot quickly, so marathonic studies like medicine or nursing are off the table.

I would be grateful for any heads-up or recommendations regarding jobs/industries/companies that pay well and have a relatively lower barrier of entry.

The listicles online keep peddling IT even though every week dozens of thousands of IT workers keep getting laid off. So, I would be grateful for more personal experiences, rather than general statistics.

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