Advice for total career pivot—RN to something professional (MBA/finance/other)?

I’m (32F) an RN with a BSN, and am considering going advanced practice. However, ideally, I would LOVE to pivot away from healthcare in general into a more corporate / professional role.

I did not come from a family that values education, but I do really well in school. Great GPA, high first-time GRE score (not quite high enough, but will retake. It was 318).

I’m newly considering an MBA, and as I came from a very educationally-deficient background, I’m really not sure what all is possible with an MBA.

I have done a decent amount of research, but most advice to RN to MBAs is to stay in healthcare and work up the administration chain. Is completely pivoting out of the healthcare field, to corporations or finance (or something I don’t know about) realistic for an RN?
If I go the MBA route, I’d aim for top-15 schools.

Are there other pivot-paths to work into a high-paying professional role?

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