Corporate Struggle, should I keep trying?

Ive been let go from most of my roles as a graphic designer for one thing or another. I have a bachelor’s degree and I know I al good at what I do but it seems like if I’m not running at 110% im let go. Its a tough industry and very skill based/ competitive. Im exhausted of the constantly having to prove my abilities and at this point im not sure what to do. I freelance often and the moneys good bbt not consistent enough for me to live off of. Im considering furthering my education or just doing something completely different. I also am starting to believe I have adhd to some extent which in a creative role is a super power but in a corporate world somewhat of a nightmare. My last position was affected by the industry that i was in so I am not so as hurt because I know it wasn’t 100% my fault since others were also let go but still I cant imagine applying to places and trying all over again. Anyone been in a similar position? I would love some advice i am really having trouble moving forward and not knowing what direction to go in.

Thanks for reading.

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