Could someone help give me advice on Computer Science involving Math?

I’m starting to relearn Algebra through Khan Academy (got a B+ in Algebra II in college many years ago), but I’m attempting to maybe go back to school in the future. Always sucked at Math, but now I’m trying to persevere with the Algebra once again. My Math is on the 6th grade level currently. (it’s embarrassing, I know…)

How close are Algebra II and above to coding and programming?

Does Math teach a certain type of skill to be a better coder in the long run?

If I did go back to (community college) school for Computer Science, are there definitely classes that are co-requisites that I must take to learn with the Math classes, or can I just single out each Math class with the fewest amount of credits from other classes, so it feels less stressful in the future? That’ll take longer I know, but Math (from what I’ve personally experienced in the past) can stress me out. Still I got a B+ in Algebra II, so I’m willing to give this another shot.

I’m willing to practice with Khan Academy.

What do you think?

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