How to go about in taking dr. appointment and job search, when my employer is watching my hours I use?

I have been told that I’m using up my LWOP ( leave without pay) awhile back. Haven’t finish my probation still need maybe 2 more months.

Friday, my supervisor spoke me, because my manager is psycho/ unapproachable and other things. She told her to talk to me about my time.

She told me, since I’m still on probation and don’t have much of LWOP to use. If you pass the 48 hours then we will send your request to the CEO to approve your time. It maybe or not be approved.

I used up my float day which is only one day and almost my sick time too. I can’t used that family leave hours yet because I’m in probation still.

The reason I have to take half a day off or full day because I either have my doctor appointments or my husband doctor appointment sometime his appointment are in LA.

I am tried of my job, I don’t like it. Toxic work environment. I don’t like my trainer that is training me up I’m the counter, but my supervisor told me I had to train with her because she is a lead. Trainer is inpatient and condescending at time. The Manager is toxic too. I made a post about her.

I’ve been applying for other job since then, but I just don’t know how to go about it.

I can used my lunch time which is an hour lunch. My job is downtown and my appointments are 30 or 40 mins away. Some I can do zoom but other I can’t. But if a job interview I don’t know where to do maybe morning or late in afternoon and lunch .

I have a doctor appointment in two weeks for my husband but it’s in LA. That would put me in 32.25 hour until I reach my 48 hours then they have to send my request to the CEO.

I’ve never had a problem with any of my past employer. They all said it was fine just let us know or they have to speak to HR and they will be fine with it.

I work at a courthouse.

Any advice I appreciate!

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