Two job offers… but want a 3rd that’s on “hold” for a few months. What to do?

I was laid off and in the job market but have 2 job offers currently and both are solid but I want a 3rd one where I 100% know I have the job…it’s just that the 3rd company is on a hiring freeze currently at least until November 1st, maybe longer (so at least 2 months from now if I’m lucky).

1. First job is $125k base and $15k bonus doesn’t have a title, rather the Chief Credit Officer is bringing me on at a level above the AVP and the same level as the VP of Credit and VP of Operations. He doesn’t know exactly what I’ll be doing but says we will figure that out over the next 6 months or so.
2. 2nd job is Senior Vice President of Underwriting where salary is $115k and $17k bonus…it’s lower pay than the first technically but that is offset with 100% covered health insurance for my family…so net pay is actually about the same. Upside here is that I am being offered equity in the company and the plan is for me to manage a team of Credit Risk Underwriters. The growth potential is higher.

Of the two above, I’d rather take the 2nd. However, there is a bank that I’ve been talking to where the hiring manager promised I’d get an offer as soon as the company was off its hiring freeze. Job title would be VP, Relationship Manager and the pay would be much larger overall. Pay would be around 130k base salary plus 40K to 50K in bonus and commissions each year. Hiring manager told me that 185k total pay is nothing as others they have in this same spot over other territories consistently make 200k to 300k. This the job I want…but it’s on hold. Basically 2 guys over this territory that have been there for 25 years are retiring and they want me to take over these accounts.

What do I do? I need a job now, but don’t want to wait for job #3 but will take it once I’m offered. I just feel bad for the company I end up working for as I may end switching as soon as I get job #3. I also don’t want to 100% count on #3 until i get a true and concrete offer.

I feel like I’m in a pickle… any suggestions on what I should do? I mean good situation to have…but man this sucks trying to figure this out.

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