Does anyone else feel stuck?

I’ve been in medical device sales for 5 years now. I’ve had this job since college and outside of two small internships, have always been doing this. I’ve reached a point where I cannot place this working depression I’m feeling; **am I feeling defeated from my job or am I not into working anymore in general?** If I’m being honest its been like this for the past few years, where I’m just getting by because I know I have time for my personal projects, it pays well, my team is kind, and I’m not under too much stress. I also just don’t like the idea of giving any more time and energy to corporate America. I’m tired of this nonstop drainage of my spirit. I also just get down when I think about interviewing time taking away from the book I want to write or the music I want to make. I feel like a mama bear over my time…how little of it that I have.

I have interviewed around and every role just sounds like an obscene amount of work. Your territory is 2 states. You have to fly out two days a week. We expect 50 hour days. Let’s start you as an associate with disrespectful pay. I just want a job that’s reasonable and it feels like everywhere I search, “up,” or “lateral” I can see through the facade of overworked employees, not being paid what I deserve, having to relearn a new skillset over and over.

I guess my question is do any of you feel like this? Is this a specific job problem or will I feel this way no matter the direction I go? I also know a lot of you like SaaS sales and I am open to learning more but I have no idea how to pivot into that and am wary of a pay cut. I just don’t know anymore.

Thank you for your time and reading.

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