I got desperate and accepted the first job offer, then I got another offer with shorter commute distance. Should I quit my first job? if so how do I quit?

I’m afraid to quit my first job offer. So, basically, they offer me a job right away. Then, when I got home, I told them I was quitting because the commute was an hour long (one way). The next day, my parents forced me to go there, saying I wanted the offer back, and I ended up getting it back (they were interviewing another guy, but he didn’t show up).


Now it’s been two weeks. I received an offer with the same pay and a 20-minute commute (one way). This offer is far superior because it saves both time and gas.


Should I leave this job and take the other? If I want to leave, I’m not sure I have the guts to tell my boss that I’ve received a better offer. He’ll be furious because I wasted his time with training and then quit the job for the second time.

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