I got sacked without warning, what should I do?

Got sacked for no reason, feel confused

So for context I landed a graduate scheme job in software sales on 6th June, I was given several criteria that I needed to demonstrate to pass my 4 month probation, fine.

Halfway through my probation my manager reviewed it with me and told me I need to improve on a few things such as time management, talking more in meetings (didn’t have many meetings so not many opportunities) and I had to learn an invoicing process called “checklist”

I had learnt how to do checklist, I wasn’t booking 1 meeting per week like the OTE target said and I was late a few times but overall I didn’t think I was doing badly.

Then today, I got brought in for a meeting with my manager and HR and they basically said I had a lot more areas to improve on than they expected by this point and they dismissed me on the basis of “probation failure”. I asked them to tell me exactly what I wasn’t doing right and they didn’t elaborate at all on any specific criteria.

The only other reason I can think of them firing me is that I was asked by my manager in private if I had any personal issues going on and I shared that I was taking anti anxiety pills and actively trying to come off them so maybe that’s why they fired me (even though I asked if that would affect my employment and my manager and HR both said no.)

My probation review should’ve been next month as that would’ve been 4 months so I’m so shocked that they just fired me on the spot with no warnings. They’re paying me for this month without expectation of me working which is nice but still…it sucks.

Also I came back from a week long holiday so I had only been back in the office for 3 full days…

TLDR: Fired 3/4 of the way into my probation with no warning. Only mistakes I made was turning up late a few times and I always stayed longer to balance out the hours. Also disclosed anti anxiety med usage and asked if this would affect my job, was told no.

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