I need 3k/month as a web developer. What is my best next step?

Having studied a meaningless “profession'” of management in uni I worked for 2 years as a finance specialist and project / office manager just to realize that its all an excel data entry / power point making / meaningless email sending job.

I felt like I know nothing and if I dissappear tomorrow, no one will even notice. I also felt not different from a street sweeper or office cleaner (no disrespect), except that I was wearing a white shirt and a tie.

So I decided to learn web developing to get some hard core skills and be able to make a difference.

After a 3 month online course and 1 year of working on my own projects I can now build highly performant full stack web apps with react, nextjs and nodejs.

But now, I cant decide between focusing on freelancing, searching a full time job or trying to bootstrap another startup project.

Ideally, I need $3k/month of predictable income, but I feel like I have 0 chances of getting hired full time since I only have 1 year of experience and no formal tech education.

What would be your advice? I live in eastern europe.

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