Walking away from 175k in tech. Can’t do it anymore. Tech pays, but it sucks. Any of you gone down a similar path?

I know this will seem insane to some, but I’ve decided to quit my job in tech. I make 175k, but can’t do it anymore. If any of you have worked in tech before, you know the type of people that run it. Insecure, greedy, self-deceived, arrogant, and downright stupid a lot of the time. I’ve put up with it for like 8 years now, but just can’t do it anymore. Extremely depressed and it’s made me so cynical of the entire world and hateful of people.

Going to pursue some meaningful career avenues. May try do some athlete coaching, teaching, start a few charity programs, and may try to do some consulting/contracting on the side just to keep the salary in an okay place.

Any of you done something similar? Advice? Thoughts?


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