How to formally trigger the higher end of my salary range?

32M working for a global electronics company in a marketing role making about $87k a year.

I’ve been in this role for about a year and a half and upon my annual review my director formally stated on record that he believes I went above and beyond my initial responsibilities and duties as an employee and informed me that I’d be receiving a 5% raise. He then proceeded to inform me that, in my current role, the salary range starts at $75k and goes up to $119k and said “we like to make sure we keep employees closer to the higher end of their salary range.”

It’s been a few months since this meeting and I’ve been thinking why exactly he told me that information the way he did. Currently I’m closer to the lower end of the salary range even after a great year – not to mention the current market value of my skills and experience is closer to about $95k base. I wanted to know, going forward, what are some ways I could potentially accelerate the process of getting that higher salary? Of course presenting a job offer of a higher value and potentially having the company match comes to mind but I have a feeling there’s a less messy way of doing this considering my director is being transparent with me – plus I would not want to jeopardize anything by doing that considering I really do like my job and could stay here for a while if the salary gets closer to market value.

Anyone ever have a similar experience or heard similar stories? What were some things you’ve done (or heard of) to increase your salary at your current job other than waiting for a formal raise? Thanks in advance.

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