I should probably quit, but am not in the best place financially. how should I go about it?


I’m currently early on in my career and don’t have much experience in any industry. There is no chance of career growth in my current role. My position is a temporary one and is set to end at latest December. The thing is that I haven’t had really any meaningful work assignments for the past month or so and I keep having to chase them. The thing is that though I am set to end my role around December, I am paranoid that I will get let go earlier for not being productive enough because I literally don’t get any work assignments if I don’t chase them.

Obviously, I should jump ship. It will allow me the time to build skills to move to a different job. The issue is that I am in desperate need for pay due to medical issues that I am currently facing. Not sure how I should approach this. The only thing that is really holding me back from leaving is the fact that I at least have some income.


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