[UPDATE] I was placed on PIP 25 DAYS AGO at a Fortune 500 company, and I’m scared now?

It’s been 25 days, here’s your update:

To quote u/Bellatrix_ed: ‘Well, when I was placed on a PIP, my manager literally kept moving the date of the last PIP meeting until I finally made a minor mistake, so she could let me go. It was never about my performance or helping me improve because I wasn’t actually doing anything poorly. They just wanted a documented way to say, “See, she sucks, bye!”

I believe I might be in a similar situation to some extent. However, I’m seeking the Reddit community’s assistance in avoiding termination for the time being. In light of this, I’ll provide more details about my background, employeement, and the expectations of the PIP (e.g. later).

I am actively looking for alternative employment, but the timing of this is rather inconvenient. Therefore l’d like to continue to give this a stab.

*Note 1: It’s essential for me to clarify that this list of compliant items is significantly less than the original only being three pages (2 and a half really).*
*Note 2: To shed more light on my role, I work in the video game industry.*

*Note 3: Currently, HR expects/wants me to be right 100% of the time, which my manager responded by providing a blank stare and silence. However, given the complexity of the systems that contribute to the final product, expecting 100% perfection is impossible. If everyone were right 100% of the time, things wouldn’t break daily, people WOULD presubmit there code, and games wouldn’t release with “bugs”. Therefore that’s an impossibility.*

But to continue…

According to my manager I have not shown significant improvement. Below, you’ll find examples illustrating whats been noted as “problems” during my PIP and the expectations necessary for a successful outcome.

*Note 4: Throughout this segement I will include commentary*

*Note 4.5: This will not include all bulletpoint on this list. But the main ones to build a picture of what I’m like.*

*Note 5: My primary issues primarily revolve around communication and are not engineering related (i.e. I’m anti-social and don’t really speak).*

Manager: On “A” day you asked a user to do “x” manually instead of adhering to our expected methods, and you provided this information incorrectly initially.
*Me: I only did this one time. I immedately correct my mistake. Which resolved the problem. It’s important to note…making the initial mistake had zero consquences and/or neagitive effects. If anything we lost 30 seconds of our lives. I’ve already taken steps to ALWAYS adhere to the companys pratices despite them sometimes being lengthy to do. I haven’t made this same mistake in over 3 weeks.*

Manager: “You are sometimes not thoroughly investigate a crashes. Example: You are not detailing information into what caused the crash for “J” tools.”

*Me: I admit…I don’t…because most of the time unless there is a underlying cause which is noticeable. The problem can be recitfied by restarting the tool. Most people don’t restart the tool and immedately file a report (for it to be fixed). Naturally I ask people “Have you restarted “V” application” before diving into a investigation. I have no problem investigating beforehand and indicating I did so (instead of not indicating anything at all). But it seems like a round-about way of doing things from my POV? But I’ll do it…?*

Manager: ” On “Y” day you didn’t understand how to help and requested said person ask elsehwere. Your manager had to call in an appropriate resource to investigate and help.

*Me: “That’s accurate. I didn’t have the answer, and my teammates weren’t available to assist. If I genuinely didn’t know something, how could I provide information that I wasn’t aware of? Should I have lied? Instead of asking…someone else for help who might have had the information? Additional context: A Senior Engineer was seeking guidance from a lower level Engineer on a particular task…”*

Manager: “While explaining how systems are set up you assumed a user understood how they worked. Failing to thoroughly explain the set up.”

*Me: I don’t know? When people don’t understand things…they should say: “I don’t understand…” instead of messaging there manager…as soon as I turn around? Now I have to ask people if they understand what I’m saying…? Extra Context: This is ANOTHER person in a Senior Position…*

I believe this provides a clear picture of my current situation. These are the issues I’ve encountered during these 30 days on PIP. From my perspective, these problems are relatively easy to address, but evidently, they have warranted my placement on PIP.I have 35 days to make significant improvements (i.e. reduce my mistakes to between 0 and/or 1) a week before facing termination.

*Note: A lot of these problems can be easily addressed really…*

Reddit..How should this be navigated.

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