How should I plan to leave?

I’ll try to make this as short as I can, but there’s a lot of factors and moving parts. I posted a few months ago asking about leaving my job because the owner was looking to sell, and had not found buyers at the time. (I am the only employee and it is a small business, but it is part of a franchise) SO I ended up cutting my hours and spent the summer applying for jobs because there was no way to know whether the new owners (once we found them) would want to keep me or not. I had a few jobs during this time and one of them turned into more hours and responsibilities recently. This job is remote and I love it. It’s aligned with my career goals and the pay is the same as the original job I’m talking about.

So now here we are- the new owners have taken over and officially signed. They had initially told my boss they only wanted me PT not FT like I was before all this. I thought this was good and I could keep working for them in person PT & the remote job in my off time.

Here’s the new issue: I don’t really like the new owners. The job with them is just an admin job and nothing special. I just finished my BA last month and I’m looking to gain career building experience and eventually start my own company. I’ve tried to be upfront with the new owners and explained to them that the other job I have is a great opportunity for my long term goals and that I was willing to make both of them work. Somehow they’ve got it in their heads that I need to be in person working basically full time. And now they expressed a lot of stress and frustration that I think my remote job is more important.

I talked it over and explained that the other stuff I do can help me do my job for them better. I mentioned working 3 days a week and made myself available to them even when I’m not there. They keep making comments about hoping I stay with them “for a very long time” and got upset about the other job because they didn’t think I was being paid by the remote one… which I am, and it’s the same as they will pay me. There’s a lot of other details but basically I need to at least stay until October.

I’ve gotten the ick about them over this and I don’t want to stay at all but I will stay for the period I mentioned because I “have” to. I’m already stressed about pretending like I’m going to stay longer. But what’s the point in staying with them when I could make the same WFH and get good experience. The remote job is becoming full time so the hours and pay are a non issue.

I’m worried about staying on for the next few weeks just to drop my 2 weeks notice when I get the first opportunity to do it. I feel like they are going to be very upset about it because they bought the business with the intention that I was going to stay. But I feel like that’s not my problem? I didn’t sell it to them I’m just basically an admin assistant. Anyone can do my job lol.

I want to do things the correct way but I feel like they are going to freak out regardless.

How should I go about the next few weeks and how should I put in my two weeks?

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