When should I tell my boss?

Background: I have been with my company for nearly 2 years and since then I have been promoted to a manger. My company employed a new boss very recently (she’s been here for 6 months) point being is, we haven’t known each other very long and I don’t know what kind of boss she is.

Situation: I will be getting married next year and will be moving to a different city. My current work operates a hybrid working style, where I am in the office 2 days a week and I wfh 3 days. I will not be able to do this once I move cities, as I’ll be 5 hours drive away. My plan is to put in a request to wfh permanently and agree to travel to the office for important team/office meetings. There are quite a few people in my office who have put this request in and it has been accepted. But of course they would’ve done it via their respected bosses. If this doesn’t get accepted I will have to quit and I really do like my job and the people are amazing.

Should I discuss this situation with my boss now even the move won’t be till about a year? Or should I wait closer to the time?

I’d like to discuss it now so I get an idea of my future but I’m scared they might use the one year to find a replacement for me.

Any advice would be helpful.


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