Am I overthinking this entire interview process? Received a post interview update and trying to not be anxious about it.

Earlier this week, I had to complete a project and give a presentation as a 3rd round interview this week for a high level position. I got a call from HR today that they wouldn’t have a decision until next week and that they were still going to look through the presentations again and sort out some final details about the job to make sure everything aligns to the person they choose. So I straight up asked if I’m still in the running and she said absolutely and that everyone was really impressed with my presentation.

Now I get an email from the most executive person at the company, the president. I have never gotten an email from an executive after an interview before getting the job. Literally never…especially since HR handles this stuff. She said “Thank you for the time you spent with us and your presentation. We hope to be through all interviews in the next week or so and will be in touch with you. Have an amazing weekend.”

I don’t even know what to think. I’m probably over thinking all of this but it’s such a mind game. Is this a good sign or not a sign at all and they are just being friendly and transparent with the process?

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