Anyone else’s boss do a complete 180 when they submitted their resignation?

Not sure if maybe this is standard and my expectations for humanity are just a tad too high…

I started my first full-time WFH job May 2022. Long story short, my boss acted really nice almost always. There was def. times he was annoying and I did not agree with him, but all in all I’m like… this is a pretty ok person.

Anyway, for several reasons I submitted my resignation 2 weeks ago. My last day is Friday. For a few reasons (including my health) I only wanted to give 1 week notice, but I gave 2 because I felt a bit bad giving 1 (which isn’t really even necessary considering how junior I am). Literally since that day he has completely changed.

First day I sent it he gives me my lazy co-workers work (not the first time I’ve had to do their work), and I got really stressed. I asked what he wants me to prioritize my last 2 weeks. He just says “juggle it all.” After a few back and forths, including him saying “just preparing you for your new job 😊” I decide to take PTO on my last 2 days. He calls and goes ballistic. Some things he says;

“I’ve been doing this for 35 years and you’re going to tell me?! I’ve been pretty successful with everything and you’re acting like you’ve been doing it for 35 years”

“You’re really taking PTO your last 2 days!? I’m not approving it”



Just to clear things up he’s done basically nothing for me.

The more I thought about it the more I feel like that call has nothing to do with the PTO. He just wanted to say all of this.

It doesn’t stop there, after ignoring me for 2 days he chats me and says I need to change my Teams status from Busy to Available. Never cared about status before.

Then he says on my last day we will have to work in the office. There’s no need to work in the office when I can just drop off my stuff at the end of the day. There’s also no one there Fridays and apparently the AC just broke so it will be a ghost town sauna. And he kept reiterating how we’re going to be there 8-5.

And just today he canceled the BS staff meeting we have every Thursday. And then made a new meeting block without me for the same day and time. So everyone will be on but me.

All in all he’s been so aggressive, argumentative, and downright horrible for the entire 2 weeks.

How normal is this for people in management roles?

EDIT: thank you everyone for your replies ❤️ in case everyone was wondering how it turned out: I packed all my stuff and went to the office this morning. Around 9:45 I told my boss I had about an hour of work left and would be leaving after. He says “your day is until 5” and I told him my resignation was effective now. Gave him my stuff and left.

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