Can some experienced individuals please provide guidance?

I (29M) have had a brutal decade of work experience. For reference: I live in Madison, WI with a decent job market and average cost of living. Poverty and life circumstances kept me from finishing college, or even focusing on what I wanted to do career-wise. I’ve been forced to obtain and keep the vast majority of my jobs strictly due to financial strain and necessity. I have built up a lot of life experience, work related skills, and I’m excellent with technology and PC building. Bottom line is: I have struggle with mental illness and now that I’m recovering, I want more for myself. At the bottom, I have a list of some of my relevant skills and experience. I can also expand on it in the comments or DMs if anyone needs more information.

With the above being said, I am attempting to do some networking and take ownership over my life and my problems. I know there are smart individuals in this sub who have navigated these situations in your own lives. I respect your input and want better for myself.

I find myself lost and somewhat hopeless about my career outlook. As I type this, I am sitting at an office job (leasing and sales consultant in property management). At this job, I am incredibly bored, underpaid, and the company itself is disorganized. It is not a product I am proud of and not a job I look forward to each morning when I wake up. I know this is part of life sometimes. However, I want more for myself. I crave daily challenges, learning new things, and becoming a better version of myself over time. I cannot do this at my current job, or any of the jobs I have held professionally so far. I cannot afford a basic gym membership, my rent is nearly 60% of my income, and I have no social life because I simply cannot afford much. I cut all luxury spending, etc. but still find myself living paycheck to paycheck. This would be fine, as I can accept life’s circumstances and look forward to something better in the future.

I live alone and I would like to be able to cover my bills, save a little bit, and invest. I do not plan to buy any fancy cars or live above my means. Right now, something is telling me I am not in the right place. I am not focused on the right things or being challenged in the appropriate ways.

I am hoping for advice on how you navigated things, what you would do differently, and what you did right? What types of opportunities are the best to pursue right now, based on the job market? How can I use my current skills/experience and my personality to achieve better things? I have learned a lot in the workplace and have developed interests and passions.

I know I can hold value somewhere, if given a chance. Indeed and LinkedIn have only gotten me so far. I feel like I need to regroup and find better resources so I can achieve what I am hoping for. Right now, im considering fields like tech, IT, software, etc. I like interacting with people, but I also have adhd and want to take advantage of my ability to laser-focus on specific challenging tasks. I am willing to train, educate, or obtain licenses in order to advance my career. I am mostly just trying to find better word-of-mouth opportunities to pursue where I can prove myself. I would be happy to share my resume and skills with anyone who can help. I understand this is a long post and a lot of information. Thank you for your time! I hope you are having a great day!


PC building

Gaming/streaming/personal business skills



Microsoft Suite (especially Teams, Word, and Excel)

Apple Product expert


Customer Service

Athletics (high school and college)


CRM software and customer service software
EPIC Hospital software

My most recent two jobs were:

-Admin and scheduling support at a top major research hospital (complex scheduling and surgical scheduling)
-Leasing consultant at a major property management company in my area

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