Finding a slower paced role in the Not for Profit sector after a heart attack, but finding it difficult. Does anyone have any advice/tips?

Hello all,

As the title says, I’m looking for a role after I suffered a heart attack (at the age of 38) due to heredity reasons, and have been looking within the NPO sector. I’m told this sector should give me the slower pace of life and work-life balance that my cardiologists recommend.

My skillsets fall within the area of project management/IT/business operations and I’m told by various recruitment consultants that I do have the transferable skills to land a role in the NPO sector. Despite this, I have been struggling to secure anything for nearly a year. The recruitment consultants put it down to an aversion from the NPO sector to candidates coming from the private sector.

I’ve worked for big banks and at an international level, so maybe that could be one of the reasons, although I’m hoping that is not the case.

Throughout my career, the ultimate goal was always to move into the NPO sector after working in finance for a few years as this is where my passion lies, and that the heart attack has just brought this forward.

I wanted to ask if anyone could shed some insights, I’ve tried the following:

* contacting recruitment agents specialising in the NPO sector
* directly applying for roles
* charity job boards
* LinkedIn
* Volunteer in charities to build up my resume

I’ve also altered my CV to the point where anymore alterations would mean I’m basically lying.

Would be grateful for any advice/tips.
I’m based in the UK

Thank you

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