How to leverage current experience to get areal engineering job?

I’m mechanical engineer in a drafter/designer position and i want to know how to leverage the experience with the tasks which i have been doing for almost 6 months to get a real engineering job. The most important tasks which i have been doing where:
– making 3d models of the products, i’m given of how to make the model based on the experience that they have in the company. Note that now thay barelly make calculus of the structure or any other metal part of the product they generally put the quantity of steel thats its enough based of their experience.
-Make the drafts to give it to the workshop, generally i only give measures i dont give tolerances nor weld marks. And also bending measures but that its automatically made in solid.
-Make quotations based on the 3d model i’ve made which it is a task i do on excel. Also to o ask suppliers and other workshops for price.

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