How to treat industry in relation to your role?

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to the workforce and one thing I never even knew about is how industry is, well, “detached” from your job title. I always assumed that the “industry” is just a name to categorize your job title. Like, if you are an accountant, you are in the finance industry. If you are an IT developer, you are in the IT industry.

But I realized you can be a coder in finance and an accountant in IT! And what’s even more weird to me, is that the employers will sometimes expect you to have an industry specific experience, so it’s not only the job positions I should be choosing, but the industries as well!

How do you treat the industry in relation to your job? Can you afford to ignore it if you don’t really care the specific industry you want to be in? How do you combine all the things needed to have some specific position with also possessing “industry experience”?

Any thoughts on how I should treat this would be greatly appreciated!

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