Just got laid off, sitting in a coffee shop stressing, what job to do when burned out already? 29F, Millennial Dilemma…

29F many different careers, can’t decide on one, afraid to make the wrong choice again, ADHD recently diagnosed and now on meds, great… except now I can see clearly how chaotic my life has been. Smart but no longer as driven as when I was younger and not as passionate.

Previous jobs: Receptionist Nanny Summer camp counselor Ballet Dancer Dance teacher Preschool teacher Elementary teacher Restaurant hostess and waitress Night club cocktail waitress Pilates and fitness instructor Healthcare Office Manager SAAS Tech Sales

Most recent job just laid off from was tech sales. I loved my coworkers but the work was hell. Just cold calling and emailing. Now looking for a job that actually matters and inspires me!

Been thinking about MBA, MPH or going to school for PT, Radiology tech or surgical tech. I think I want to stay in healthcare because I like helping people and the money is better than teaching… but what can I do that is:

Sustainable Interesting Not 8years of medical school Livable wage


Oh Reddit peeps, please give me your guidance and wisdom.

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