final post about this company – SIGNED offer was hybrid then all of sudden a week before starting, they were like “oh it’s in office full time now” – guess why they made the sudden change! Laughable?

Basically long story short – They offered me a hybrid role and then asked me to come in the office full time ONCE the offer was signed and everything was filled out. I was so excited, saw the potential in them considering I was leaving my full time remote job for this hybrid one.

Once paper was signed, I never got a clear schedule. So basically I was asking them what my schedule was because I have to arrange the after-school care for my 2 kids. ( I just knew it was hybrid per the offer) I told them I preferred 2 in office as opposed to 3 since adding another $550 to my monthly bill was pushing it. However, they never ever answered my question regarding the schedule and kept beating around the bush. They told me without even me asking, that they were FLEXIBLE cause “we all have kids here! haha” (that’s what they said)

I had gotten an email and what to expect on my first day confirming my schedule would be 50% or less in the office. It was not clear as far as schedule (i asked before already so i can tell my kids school) so I asked again if this was 3 or 2 days in the office, but preferred 2 day. either would have been fine btw, as I would have made it work because I actually wanted this da\*\* job.

Then 4 hours later, I get an email saying “We have to have you in office 8-5 full time because of company’s growth.” yeah okay. I was going to wait to respond until next Monday when it was supposed to be my first day so they can tell me this shit in person. But then the HR texted me so I basically couldn’t even wait at that point. I know they did that crap on purpose. They just didn’t have the guts to have the awkward convo with me. Wussies!So I basically emailed back and stood my ground and said this was not agreed upon and that I’d like to stay hybrid. *They basically retracted the offer saying I WAS DEMANDING and COMPLEX. I’m not even lying.*

**NOW WHY WAS A DEMANDING TO THEM?** Lmao listen to this ……When I received the offer, I asked for my PTO to be 3 weeks a year opposed to 2 weeks because where I was coming from (unlimited). They basically got mad at me asking this. They also said I was asking for too much – when literally I asked for my schedule. I respectfully told them thanks for showing me your company’s true colors before making a full commitment. No, I’m not making this up. they literally said they didn’t like that I asked for more PTO.

**Now the good news?** I landed a FULL-TIME REMOTE JOB just today. I’m sure this was a sign. Entitled a\*\* ppl. I will never settle for hyrbid, EVER. I also will never put work over my FAMILY. Work life balance is so important, I’m not slaving away and kissing a\*\* to get to the top. I just want happiness and balance between both. Funny thing is, I’m sure I’ll see them around because of the industry. We all in the same FB group for FFS. they’re going to see my name pop up on their feed. Lmao

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