Sales adjacent career paths?


I bring with me over a decade of experience in sales, including 11 years in various roles at a successful brewery as a field sales rep, sales manager, and business development manager, and the past year as a Strategic Account Manager at a inside sales firm in the industrial and food sector. While my previous roles and current job have provided a comfortable income (in the $100k range) without the pressures of commissions, I’ve reached a moment in my career where I’m considering a change.

My burnout appears to be a mix of external factors, such as economic shifts, chasing KPI’s, and the constant demand for daily interpersonal interactions. My perspective has evolved, especially after seeing my fiancée thriving in her work-from-home position with a massive quality of life change.

Given my history of work-related travel, I’m on a mission to explore career paths offering remote or hybrid work arrangements. The biggest caveat here is that I’ve been able to accomplish all of the above with no college degree of any kind.

With all of this in mind, are there any career opportunities that are somewhat sales-related or adjacent, allowing me to leverage my sales skills while enjoying the flexibility of remote work or a mix of remote and in-person work? I would be thrilled to do busy work that I can throw some headphones on and zone out, even happy to go to any coding boot camps or small educational courses as I’m also endlessly curious.

Appreciate any advice provided! My ultimate goal is to attain a better work-life-balance and give this little extroverted shriveled up brain a brake.

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