Balancing mental health with choosing a career path. Is it possible?

After believing that I’d only ever have a job and not an actual career because of my rocky mental health *bipolar disorder*. Lately I’ve been considering furthering my education (I only have a high school diploma), but I want to make sure that I’m not setting myself up for failure. So I would like to get an associates degree or certification to limit any added on stress.

But I’m not exactly sure what kind of career path I’ll be able to consider that accepts limited education that I’d be able to truly enjoy.

I need

A) work that allows me to be creative and or challenges me but also has structure to it.

B) a hybrid work environment, it isn’t necessary but I’d prefer any sort of environment that isn’t over stimulating.

C) work that is mostly independent. I’m a team player and can work with others but would prefer working alone for the majority of the day.

I don’t always enjoy with working with numbers and again would prefer to work in a slightly creatively charged field. And I’m not looking to shatter glass ceilings or have a high income but I would appreciate a career that has job security.

Fields that I’m considering; Publishing Industry, Environmental Science, and Social Sciences

I would love to hear from work professionals and others going on the same journey so any input is appreciated. Thank you!

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