Did I make a mistake when trying to be considerate?

Shortened Context:

\-Currently employed as a billing lead at a job I have been at for a year

\-Have been feeling seriously unhappy with my job and it’s impact on my life. I find myself coming home most days too tired to even get stuff done around the house, let alone personal interests. I very much would like to quit

\-I have aspirations to turn a current hobby of mine into a career. I am aware I am a long way from that being reality and until then understand why I need a real job, but my current job is becoming an active roadblock to that.


Basically, today was employee reviews at my job and I was talking about it with my manager. Typical stuff, things I’m doing good on, things I’m struggling with, etc. But as the meeting went on more and more, my boss mentioned a lot how much faith he had in me being the billing lead for my team. Considering how much I want to leave, I felt bad about him putting so much effort into building me up to be the best team lead when idk if I’ll even be here in a month. Just in the conversation without any input from me, he brought up “Would you like to keep being the team lead?” And that’s when I spilled the beans on my current feeling on the job, including that I was not happy and considering quitting.


For all my job’s faults, my manager is a very nice guy and seems to really care about most people there, myself included. So I was happy to see he really understood where I was coming from. He of course mentioned that I am very good at my job and if possible he’d like for me to stay, but he understood I’m not happy here and had no (visible) ill will. I specified I am not guaranteeing I will leave soon, but still I can’t help but feel like I should have just shut up and lied until I decided the time was right to put in my 2 weeks. As much as I hate the place I would feel bad about having so much riding on me to be a good lead when I couldn’t care less and want to leave, which I feel is part of what compelled me to tell my boss. Was I doing the right thing professionally?

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