Landed a senior marketing position at a company that’s completely out of my domain. How do I prepare for this role and be good at it?

I (28,f) have been working as a content marketer for over 4 years now. While I have used this time to build my marketing skills in various fields, I have not worked in the deep tech space before. I have been meaning to build my portfolio and get into tech writing/marketing and so, I applied to a deeptech company for the position of marketing head and landed the job. I told them that I have no experience in the tech domain but I am well versed with content marketing and have a fairly good understanding of how that works. After a few rounds of interviews and assignments, I got the job! While I am super excited that I got this opportunity, I am also quite nervous about being good enough for it. How can I build my skills so I can deliver beyond the expectations of this job? Any tips, guidance, or advice is appreciated!

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