My manager scheduled me for a work meeting even though I quit, what should I do?

I was working a part time job at KFC and it was an extremely toxic environment, I suffer from anxiety and depression and working there honestly made my mental health issues so much worse. Around a month ago my manager without any reason stopped giving me shifts. Last week she messaged me saying that she was sorry she hadn’t been giving me shifts because she had been “busy”, but it sounded like b.s to me. That was kind of the last straw and I messaged her telling her that I was thankful for the job but that I quit. I really didn’t think it through much but they really didn’t care about me at all and I had already disclosed with them that I was suffering from anxiety, and they still treated me like shit. Anyway not really sure if I should just ignore the meeting or not but it honestly feels like they’re trying to get me to miss a shift so that they can fire me so it looks bad on my application, I’m not really sure if they can do that but I’m really paranoid to be honest. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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