What’s the most professional way to decline a change in working conditions?

Coming up on 4 years as a software engineer with my company. We’ve been mostly WFH since the pandemic. They just announced a lot of changes:

1. Back in office January 1st
1. Working hours updated from 9-5 to 8-6
1. Vacation plans need manager approval – no camping somewhere with no service, and we need to have at least 1 day where we’ll be on call.
1. Cell phones are being issued and we need to always have the phones on us between 6-9pm weekdays, 8-6 weekends. We also need to put any after-work and weekend plans on our calendars for our managers to approve. One of my coworkers has a regularly scheduled 5:30-7:30 exercise class, and he was told that he needs to cancel that.

There’s no pay raise coming with this – we’re FTE. Everyone else on my team is grumbling a bit but accepting it. I don’t see myself doing well under the new working conditions, and it definitely isn’t worth it for no raise. What would a good way to tell my manager that I’m planning on not participating? I don’t want to appear like I’m expecting special treatment or throwing a fit. Would it be really unprofessional to just quit December 31st? Thanks for your help.

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