Why is Getting a Job so Complicated? (Rant)

Hello everybody. A simple post of me ranting. I work full-time in private practice and I am looking for a per diem position for some extra money and for the days I don’t have clients scheduled. I have been applying to a few positions that interest me and one of which I was fairly interested in. After completing the application, a few weeks later, I received an email from the company saying that my resume and application have been sent to the hiring manager and my next step is to upload a 10-15 minute video of myself explaining why I would be a good fit for the position and why I am interested in the position.

….Is this normal? I cannot bring myself to press record and talk about myself and why the company should hire me…I figured that was the purpose of an interview.

Needless to say, I sent the email to trash and withdrew my application…have you come across this before?

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