Is it my soon to be former employees business what I do next?

TL;DR Finally found a new job and am resigning this week from a career that’s slowly eating me alive. Do I need to tell them why I am leaving and where I am going? Or is leaving it at I am resigning for personal reasons enough? Do I have to tell them I have taken a position in elsewhere?

I have been looking for a new job for months and finally found something I think I will really enjoy, even with the substantial pay cut it comes with. I am honestly excited. My current job has been slowly destroying me for years and it has gotten worse in the last few years. Recently, I made a big mistake, I completely missed something I had put to the side while I was being piled with other tasks. I have been on edge since waiting for them to fire me and I do believe that would (and may!) still be in the pipeline. The stress and anxiety I have been dealing with has consumed me. I only think about work, some times I can’t eat, sometimes I can’t sleep. I recently had a panel of blood work done and my white blood count was elevated with no explanation other than stress. I can’t go on like this, my mental health is deteriorating and I have finally found my out. I haven’t taken a day off from work in a year and a half that I haven’t still worked the majority of the day.
It might be my ADHD, but I always feel the need to justify things like why I need a day off and what it’s for. When I submit my resignation and 2 weeks notice, do I need to tell my employer why? Do I need to tell them where I am going? In my industry if you go to the competition you are fired on the spot. I am leaving the industry but do I need to tell them that? What is and isn’t their business?

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