Making $70k a year as an analyst working from home – really considering going back for my BSN (bachelors in nursing), so that I can work evenings, already many lower divisions completed from my past coursework – thoughts?


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I can pursue getting my masters in Analytics which I honestly come to realize I would dread doing on a daily basis (already got into the program, just have to complete it, but I just started so I have 2 years left – haven’t invested much time into the program).

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I can go back to community college, transfer to a local state university around here, get my BSN, and try and work evenings to supplement my $70k income.

While I cannot say I am passionate about nursing, I am passionate about learning about the human body. I have recently picked up fitness and exercise, have went from obese to aesthetic in 6 months, learning about muscles, lifting, recovery, and just the human body in general, made me consider getting into nursing. (I took an anatomy class in community college for fun, and I remember everyone looking at me like I was crazy because everyone in there was in the nursing program and it’s a notoriously difficult class.) Anywho, I have a lot of prerequisites completed for the nursing lower division requirements so completing that wouldn’t be too hard.

I am currently working from home $70k, doing analytics work, it’s dry, and honestly a lot of my time I end up scrolling reddit, youtube, or shopping. or playing video games. Nursing would also keep me active and help me get my daily steps in.



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