Why are so many people underpaid and why is it so hard to find an keep a job in today’s economy?

I recently left my medical job because they were over working me but I was seriously underpaid to the point I’ve been late on bills and at some point enough become enough because here I am breaking my back for a company that even their clients complain about,about a year ago I got into multiple wrecks and now have permanent back damage and I’m just trying to find a job where it won’t put strain on my back(preferably work from home)but at least until I can break into my dream job I wanna find something from home because I have bills that are way past due,doctors appointments out the ass and on top of that this year was supposed to be the year that I move away from home,I’m 22 and I wanna be closer to my friends and bf but also be happy which is not at home long story but I just don’t understand these jobs anymore they treat the bad employees good and the good ones bad on top of underpaid,not only do I have to put moving on hold but I have to put all together my life on hold so I guess I’m trying to ask you guys wouldn’t know any work from home jobs,and any that provides the equipment because I am broke like Chuck and can’t buy anything and my bf and friends yea they try to cheer me up and say I should for a job by them but it’s not that simple because how would I get to work my car is broken and they live literally 2hours away from me and then I would have to find a place and can’t do that with no money so yea why can’t life be like it was back then ugh I have so much on my resume and it’s like it still isn’t enough,ughhhhh!!!!!!!

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