Failed at Getting Into Med School, Clinical Research or UX as Plan B?

To make a long story short on the med school thing, I was trying to get in throughout my 20s. I recently discovered I have dyscalculia at 31. I feel like had I been diagnosed in school, I would have had a better chance.

Now I currently have BS in psychology and MS in biology, Im looking for something to do. Im currently a cell therapy processor for the past 2yrs, and I hate it. Its overnight, the pay is meh and the management is awful.

Ive been looking into clinical research or UX Research. Im in the Atlanta area and its been pretty tough finding clinical research positions. With UX, it seems to be difficult finding companies that will take ppl that are beginners. So Im kinda at a cross road on which I should put myfocus into doing. I think Ill be happy in either field.

Edit: I am an INTJ

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