Holy I’d rather flip burgers, should I?

Completed my masters a couple of months ago. Had a great co-op gig which I completed and everyone was lovely enough to state they’ll give me references and they did. Great work , great diversity , top notch.

Recession hits people get payed off, my contract ends. I get a part time scheduling gig that’s like 2hrs away, it’s based in healthcare (2500 staff). I got used to it quick and I understand it’s repetitive (bored) but ones gotta do what ones gotta do.

Now thing is, it takes 2 hrs to commute with public transit. I say it’s alright why not. But holy, 3 weeks in this gig and I can’t stand the co workers. Just got along with 2 of them and they don’t even plan to stay there because of the rest of the co workers. They had mouth the team lead (she’s new and has been there a couple of months) and they are weirdly rude to me. I assume it’s because I’m not of their race? (They speak in their own language the whole day while I’m with them in the office) and also the previous team lead was their race. One of the coworkers kinda told me off for being late, and she weirdly remembered each time I came in for the past couple of days. I don’t get why she told me off because I already told the team lead I’d be late?

So I’m quitting end of week and I honestly rather save my sanity in comparison to that office environment that act like their jobs is insanely difficult (started correcting my trainer the second week).

This may be a rant, but also career advice in terms of, should I just stay and take all this or is it normal to leave an environment that is weirding me out in extreme levels?

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