Is there a job field that has many real entry level positions that are actually attainable?


I graduated from a university with a degree in UX design in 2022 and haven’t been able to find any entry level positions that don’t require at least 3 years of experience already. The UX field is now booming with people switching over from other career paths and there’s hardly any chance for fresh grads to be given the time of day. I’m at my wits end and feel like I’ll be stuck in retail forever since even local administrative office jobs won’t give me an interview.

Basically, I’m trying to pivot to a different career and maybe enroll in a certificate program for another field that may have more opportunities. Does anyone know of any careers right now that are genuinely entry level friendly and in demand? I’m scared of paying for a certificate program only to not be able to find a job again. Thanks for your responses in advance!


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