Please for the love of god talk to people in your workplace and use websites and external sources on how much you should be getting paid for a position. what is holding you back from doing this?

I think theres a lot of talk going around tech Mahindra(revature like firms) etc paying 3 lpa(Indian salary, peanut pay) etc and two sides of the argument etc.(In indian twitter circles)

But I was talking to a friend from NYC today(American native), they joined a big 4 firm in advisory last year as their first job for $110k USD, but it was too unstable. they were an econ grad from a decent uni. they had a person with a JD(Law degree in usa) making the same amount of money as them(just undergrad with no significant exp), and later last month they moved to a top 10 legal firm there as a paralegal for 90k(they took this cut asa tradeoff for jb stability)

and they told me that there’s a woman who has 15 years of experience who’s doing the same job as her and is making 30k. She has 3 kids and has to commute to work into the city because she cant a afford house inside city.

also both of the jobs held by my friend are way too basic, just ppts, and compliance , writing emails etc, mouse click stuff.(they are literally holding another govt job in side to this, doing for their resume to get a lor, that’s how much free time they have), so the argument people make that you are being paid for the value you bring to a firm doesn’t make sense at all. you are just being paid. period, there’s no rational to it and corp will try to pay you less at every point possible.

atleast this is what I have realised from this. I think we all need to be very anti establishment and pro salary transparency(write it as your slack status level transparency)

I think CS people are missing out on these kind of jobs, they only had 1 behavioral interview for both these jobs and also another Goldman sachs role paying 85k in salt lake city.

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